It’s All About the Fabric: How to Choose the Best Shirt Fabric for Printing

There are many reasons why printed t-shirts are so popular. They can be used to make a statement, advertise a brand, or start a fashion trend. When having your own t-shirts printed, a common mistake is to overlook the importance of fabric. There are countless different types of fabric options for your printed t-shirts, each of which will … Read more

5 Ink and Shirt Colors and Combinations to Help Your Design Pop

Custom T-shirt Printing

5 Ink and Shirt Colors and Combinations to Help Your Design Pop Color plays an important psychological part in our lives. Did you know that looking at the color red enhances the force of a person’s motor output? Leonardo da Vinci played with color theory in the 1400s. But it wasn’t until Isaac Newton published Opticks in 1704 that … Read more

5 Occasions Where Printing a Custom T-Shirts Is the Best Idea

You can never have enough t-shirts. The versatile, universally loved item of clothing is everybody’s go-to apparel when in a rush, or when you simply can’t be bothered with dressing up. CUSTOM T-SHIRTS The versatility and comfort that t-shirts offer make them the best choice of garments for occasions when you need all attendees to … Read more

Custom Screen Printing verses DTG printing

Each technique offers unique advantages, so make sure to consider all factors before choosing screen-print or digital printing. Screen Printed T-shirts THE SCREEN-PRINTING INDUSTRY IS CONTINUALLY GROWING AND IMPROVING. Press and equipment companies are developing new machinery and technologies every year. This revolution has led to ground-breaking technology that has led to increased efficiency and quality.  … Read more