We Are Family: Awesome Ideas for Family Reunion Shirts

Ready to get the band back together?

A family reunion can be a great way to rekindle family bonds and catch up on the latest news. But when you’re throwing a party, you need to get the whole atmosphere right. Choosing the right t-shirts is a great way to do that. 

Here are some awesome ideas for family reunion shirts.

Give Us a Hand

There’s nothing as unique as your handprint, but the handprints of your family come close.

Creating a handprint shirt lets you all chip in to the design in a way that even the most artistically-challenged member of your family can manage. And the result is a design that’s unique to your family while reinforcing the bond you share.

The House Words

Do you have a family slogan? Or that one silly phrase you often cite? Make like House Stark and turn it into a motto you can use to identify your clan.

By wearing family reunion t-shirt slogans, you unite your family with a tradition that dates back thousands of years. Many of the great old clans of history had their own mottos. Yours might not be in Latin, but it can create a sense of family identity all the same.

Homeward Bound

“We are family”? “Sisters are doin’ it for themselves”? Chances are good there’s a song lyric and style out there that your family will hear and think: “this is a mood“.

Get the lyric on a shirt and set the tone for your family reunion. Then when it’s time for the family jam, you’re all equipped to provide a lyric video in real life.

Face Time

It’s a family reunion, so why not try to make it all about you?

Plastering your faces all over your chests is a pretty fool-proof way to remind everyone what the day is all about. Try to find the best (or worst!) mugshots you can of your family and slap them on a shirt to make a wonderfully tasteless outfit for the big day.

And hey, it could even help you remember a name or two.

The Family Theme

Does your family reunion have a theme? Whether you’re all passionate about a hobby, a family tradition, or the decade you all identify with, having a theme can help bring life to a family reunion.

If you do have a strong theme, then cool family reunion t-shirts that match that theme can help to hammer it home. It’s also a chance to come up with an awesome shirt design, like an emblem or art that captures the spirit of your theme, whether it’s farming, creativity, or sailing.

Winning Ideas for Family Reunion Shirts

These are just a few great ideas for family reunion shirts. Think about who you are as a family and find something that will speak to all of you. Choosing the right shirts could help make it a memorable occasion for everyone.

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