5 Ink and Shirt Colors and Combinations to Help Your Design Pop

5 Ink and Shirt Colors and Combinations to Help Your Design Pop

Color plays an important psychological part in our lives. Did you know that looking at the color red enhances the force of a person’s motor output?

Leonardo da Vinci played with color theory in the 1400s. But it wasn’t until Isaac Newton published Opticks in 1704 that real color theory began. 

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When it comes to branding, a basic understanding of color theory goes a long way. 

From red and white to blue and grey, there are so many color combinations. When it comes to shirt colors, some work better than others. 

Keep reading for some basic color theory to get your design juices flowing. 

Color and Emotion

Colors can set a mood. Are you designing a custom t-shirt? What emotions do you want your shirts to invoke?

Keep these colors and their related emotions in mind:

  • Gray and green: Peace
  • Blue: Trust
  • Red: Excitement
  • Yellow: Optimism
  • Orange: Friendly
  • Purple: Creative

Decide on the main color and then choose a color combination based on basic color theory. 

Analogous Color Combinations

You’ll find analogous colors right next to each other on the color wheel. An analogous color design uses one main color.

The other colors in the design are the same hue and fall next to the main color on the wheel. 

Monochromatic Color Combinations

Many people find monochromatic color designs boring. But monochromatic designs are often elegant.

Start with a primary hue. Then add black or grey for varying shades of the hue. Get tinted colors by adding white for a lighter effect. Monochromatic is different from analogous because you’re changing the hue by adding black, grey, or white. 

Complementary Color Combinations

Complementary color combinations are bold and make a great statement. Choose your main color and then use the color that’s directly across it on the color wheel. For instance, purple and yellow are complementary colors. 

If a complementary color combination is too bold, try a split-complementary scheme. Choose your main color and the two colors on either side of the complementary color. 

Triadic Color Combinations

If you want three colors, try a triadic color combination. Yellow, blue, and red are a great example. They’re the primary colors and appear equidistant from each other on the color wheel.

Pick any three equidistant colors on the color wheel and see if you like the result. Use one color as your primary and the other two colors for accents, like text. 

5 Great Ink and Shirt Colors

Now that you understand some of the basics, here are five great ink and shirt color combinations:

  • Blue and grey – monochromatic 
  • Blue, yellow-orange, and red-orange – split-complementary
  • Yellow, blue, and red – triadic
  • Purple and yellow – complementary
  • Red, orange, and yellow – analogous

These are tried and true color combinations that’ll make your designs pop. 

Choosing the Right Shirt Colors

Choosing the right shirt colors is crucial when designing a custom t-shirt. By sticking with one of these color combinations, you’ll avoid a color disaster! 

There are so many great color combinations. Dive right in and find the best color scheme for your shirts! Have fun! 

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